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About Us

“We welcomes you to our world of thoughts towards better society & Premises”

 S.S.S.O is the acronym for Sannath Social Service Organization.

S.S.S.O is an independent, non-political, non-profited, like minded youth run organization aiming to bringing Social awareness and empowerment of masses, especially in youth, through participation and awareness programs & help the needy people.”

The concept of SANNATH first rooted at the time of Get together Occasion of our Millennium Batch (1999-2000). Where we have honored our school teachers.

In the Get together occasion, with the guidelines of our teachers & well wishers we started this organization which works towards better society.

The birth stone of Sannath-Humanity is life, held on 13th February 2011.

SSSO is a collective representation of like – minded people; to aware the society perceives its evils and acts by itself for its sustainable growth.