About Us

S.S.S.O is the acronym for “Sannath Social Service Organization”.
“S.S.S.O is an independent, non-political, non-profited, like-minded youth run organization aiming to bringing Social awareness and empowerment of masses, especially in youth, through participation and awareness programs & help the needy people.”
The concept of SANNATH first rooted at the time of Get together Occasion of our Millennium Batch (1999-2000). Where we have honoured our school teachers.
In the Get together occasion, with the guidelines of our teachers & well wishers we started this organization which works towards better society.
The birth stone of Sannath-Humanity is life, held on 13th February 2011.
SSSO is a collective representation of like – minded people; to aware the society perceives its evils and acts by itself for its sustainable growth.


To implement our thoughts & discussions for society we are planning the following things to work out to reach OUR goal.
Helping the Orphans, Children’s, Old age people who are in Needy.

  • Supporting & working For “No Child Labour”, “Women Harassment & abusement”.
  • Conducting Blood Grouping Camps & Arranging the Blood for needy.
  • Conducting awareness programs like :-
  • Blood Donation, Sports,
  • Importance of Health insurance,
  • Education, Book reading in our life,
  • Utilisation of Right to VOTE,
  • Discouraging Corruption,
  • Utilisation of RTI & Traffic Regulations
  • Hygienic Conditions in Public Places etc.
  • Propagating the Importance of Environmental protection like…Discouraging the usage of Plastic & Growing Greenery etc.
  • Motivating the Girls & Young Women to Build-up their Confidence to face any Situations in the form of Seminars & Public Speeches by eminent people like Psychologists etc.
  • Taking the Maximum efforts to change the Education System, Politics, etc.
  • Working Towards to keep the values of Traditions, History & Educating about ethical values how they can change us.
  • Guiding the youth for better career & concerns.
  • Periodical Health check-up camps in Slum area schools.
  • Medical Check-ups for the Inmates in the old age homes and sharing affection to them.
  • Festival celebrations in Orphanage.
  • Part Time Teaching in Schools lacking with the Teaching Staff.
  • Bridging the gap between trustee & beneficiary.
  • Giving a back bone to the organizations which are struggling for better world &

Premises around us.
Mobilisation of Canceller’s for better areas & premises.


“Bringing the change in thoughts, behaviour of Human Being & making them to leave for HUMANITY”
We believe that “Healthy circumstances will bring unbelievable results for working towards better society.”
Bringing the Change from grass root level in every Individual to bring change in our Society. The more brains, the better ideas and hence, we create a healthy, motivational working environment to solve the issues which are faced by society.