Sannath Social Service Organisation volunteers…

1) N.Naveen Kumar

2) Surabhi Sridhar 

3) D.Santhosh

4) Pathuri Srikanth

5) Spandan babu

6) N.Sravan Kumar

SRR Helping Hands Volunteers…

1) Venkata Ramana – Founder

2) Abhinav

3) Srinivas Reddy

4) Chandu

5) Ram – Laxman

6) Prashanth



By seeing post in Lokal App today,

On this Curfew situation also, Our Sannath’s team member Mr.Shiva Sai supplied emergency medicine to Mr.Agastan’s Parent’s who stays at Karimnagar. 

– For any emergency please contact us to serve you better…

About Us

“We welcomes you to our world of thoughts towards better society & Premises”

 S.S.S.O is the acronym for Sannath Social Service Organization.

S.S.S.O is an independent, non-political, non-profited, like minded youth run organization aiming to bringing Social awareness and empowerment of masses, especially in youth, through participation and awareness programs & help the needy people.”

The concept of SANNATH first rooted at the time of Get together Occasion of our Millennium Batch (1999-2000). Where we have honored our school teachers.

In the Get together occasion, with the guidelines of our teachers & well wishers we started this organization which works towards better society.

The birth stone of Sannath-Humanity is life, held on 13th February 2011.

SSSO is a collective representation of like – minded people; to aware the society perceives its evils and acts by itself for its sustainable growth.